I-75 modernization project to cause big delays in Oakland County

OAKLAND COUNTY (WJRT) (2/28/2019) - Anyone who drives to the Metro Detroit area often is about to have a longer commute.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is embarking on the next phase of a massive project to rebuild I-75, this time focusing on an 8.5-mile stretch around Troy in Oakland County.

The project involves rebuilding the freeway and replacing 18 bridges from Coolidge Highway to 13 Mile Road.

"In the morning you're going to be down to two lanes and we're probably going to start necking it down just south of the M-59 interchange," said MDOT spokesman Rob Morosi.

That means some motorists may want to exit southbound I-75 just before Square Lake Road.

That stretch of I-75 usually is bumper to bumper traffic during peak travel time anyway, but taking away a lane means things are only going to get worse.

"There will be delays, but the one thing to keep in mind for those who are interested in alternate routes, if you want to go east or west to use a local road off M-59 that will be an option," Morosi said.

Heading back to Mid-Michigan will be a different story. The only entrance ramp onto the freeway through that section of I-75 in Troy, will be Corporate Drive which is near Crooks Road.

Drivers will have to use that to get back onto the interstate.

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