IRS warning of new tax scam targeting tax professionals

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FLINT (WJRT) (02/07/18) -- Cybercriminals are using a phishing email scam targeted towards tax professionals to get taxpayer information, according to the IRS.

That information is then being used by scammers to file fraudulent tax returns.

"They asked for her routing number and account number saying that they owed her money, Instead of me calling you saying you owe me money, now I'm saying I owe you money," said tax professional Marlena Curtis.

In this latest tax scam, scammers are stealing data from tax practitioners' computers.

"People who file their taxes receive their refund now are saying your refund or return was flagged for fraud and you owe us your refund back," Curtis said.

but not so fast.

"The Internal Revenue Service will never pick up a phone and call you. They'll send you a letter or call your tax professional," she said.

Curtis says the elderly are always easy targets.

"They don't know anything about social media. Once they get a phone call from the IRS, they don't know that it's not for real, they don't know that it's fraud," she said.

According to the IRS, only a few cases have been reported, but it's likely this is just the beginning of many more scams to come.

"When they run out of this way, they're going to figure out another way," she said.

Curtis says if you receive any sort of communication, whether it's a phone call or email, to report it to the IRS right away.

The phone number for the IRS Tax Fraud Hotline is 1-800-829-0433

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