Ice jams in Chesaning break up, allowing the river to flow again

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CHESANING (WJRT) - (02/20/18) – Another flood-related issue leaving mid-Michigan communities on edge are ice jams clogging up the rising rivers.

Those who call the village of Chesaning home are breathing a sigh of relief Tuesday night after the ice broke up enough to get the Shiawassee River moving again.

Village President Joseph Sedlar tells ABC12 that while the water crested its banks flooding the playground on the other side, both the M-57 traffic bridge and the brand new pedestrian footbridge were spared.

“I’m really pleased now because the water has dropped several feet, in just the last few hours,” explained Sedlar. “Now that the ice has gone it’s flowing really well."

A damage assessment of the parks, trees, fencing and lighting on the other side of the river will come when the water recedes, so it’s hard to know how much of a mess the water caused.

For a look at how bad the ice jams were during the day, take a look at the Facebook post by the Chesaning Chamber of Commerce below.

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