Iconic Grand Funk Railroad graffiti vandalized with … graffiti

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FLINT (WJRT) (3/11/2019) - An iconic site in the City of Flint has been vandalized.

As Flint rock legend Mark Farner heads to the Capitol Theatre for a sold out show next month, a tribute to his former band won't look the same.

The Grand Trunk Western Railroad bridge over Fenton Road had read 'Grand Funk Railroad' for more than four decades.

"It became an iconic thing for Grand Funk Railroad." longtime friend of the band, Pete Flanders said. "It was their idea that this was how we were validated and people took the time to climb up on the bridge and somehow hang over the bridge and put 'Grand Funk' up there."

But, now nearly 40 years later, someone has painted over the 'F' and one of the band member's names.

"To vandalize it, to take the time to do it and only do one letter is stupidity," Flanders said. "Vandalism is stupidity anyways, tagging is stupidity, but to do that on something as iconic to the music scene in Flint, is just wrong. It's a wrong thing."

Flanders' shop, Musical Memories on Dort Highway, still proudly displays several pieces of memorabilia.

He said even though the band is no longer together, many customers still ask about them.

Farner will be performing solo in Downtown Flint on April 19th. The show at the Capitol Theatre sold out in just days.

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