Icy sidewalks send more pedestrians into Mid-Michigan roadways

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FLINT (WJRT) (11/14/2019) - More people avoiding sidewalks and walking with vehicle traffic on roadways around Mid-Michigan after this week's snowfall.

Pedestrians are choosing to walk in the street rather than on snow-covered sidewalks.

That's because many say sidewalks still covered with snow and ice are not safe for pedestrians, including one area along Pierson Road in Flint on Wednesday.

Pedestrians say they have to be extra careful and watch out for drivers while walking in the road.

"Just walking on the side of the road, and just kind of be safe and making sure they don't run me over and go around me," said a woman who identified herself as Brittany.

In Flint, property owners generally are responsible for clearing their sidewalks. One exception is the city's downtown area, where the Downtown Development Authority clears all sidewalks.

John Daly, who is Flint's director of transportation infrastructure, offered the following tips for pedestrians:
-- Cross at intersections or pedestrian walkways.
-- Don't walk in the middle median.
-- Avoid icy areas.
-- Be extra careful at night, when visibility is low.