Iggy Pop and Don Was team up for unique event on Detroit music history

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DETROIT (WJRT) - (10/19/2016) - "All the stars lined up for us to tell a unique story of these two great artists and their history in Detroit, in that place," GRAMMY Foundation Vice President Scott Goldman says.
And Sunday, Goldman has the best seat in the house as he'll be joined on the stage of the Majestic Theater in downtown Detroit by Iggy Pop and Don Was to share their stories at Living Histories Live. Scott says the concept of having artists tell their history to the GRAMMY Foundation isn't new, but doing it in a public setting is.
"For decades the GRAMMY Foundation has maintained the Living Histories Archive. And this is a repository of three hour videotaped oral histories with some of the best and brightest in music. And not just artists, producers, engineers, executives. Those people who helped build the music industry to what it is known today. So we got to thinking that it's great to have this archive, but we wanted to bring the powerful stories contained in the archive to people in a live setting."
Detroit seems an obvious choice for this kind of event. But with such a rich musical history, who should tell the story came about more by chance.
"We have a living histories interview with Don that we did two years ago. So we thought it would be important to identify people from the area, artists from the area who are in our archive. And then Iggy has been on our list to secure a Living Histories interview with, and we're going to be doing that in fact the day before we produce the program in Detroit."
Pop is in town for the theatrical release of The Stooges documentary Gimme Danger, which has a special sold out advanced screening Tuesday at the Detroit Institute of Arts before opening Friday. Obviously Iggy has plenty to talk about, as does multi-GRAMMY winning producer and musician Was. But Goldman says he has a plan to keep the conversation from getting too out of control.
"We're going to focus on their history in Detroit. We're gonna focus on their experience in Detroit, how that helped form them as musicians and artists, the other musicians and artists that they encountered along the way, the people who were influential in helping them advance their career. So we'll focus a lot on Detroit as the beginnings of both of them. And then, as you know, Don produced two records for Iggy, and we'll talk about their collaborative process and how they came to work together and what they found about each other during that time. And then hopefully we'll bring it up to the present and talk a little bit about Iggy's most recent work with Post Pop Depression and the documentary."
Of course, an evening talking about music can't end without hearing some too. And Pop, Was and fellow Detroit native Dean Fertita will be closing out the night with a special performance.
"I just learned, I won't tell you what songs, but I just learned they'll be doing four songs. Which is amazing. We're incredibly excited about it."

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