Ilera Apothecary brings beauty and health together

Published: May. 17, 2019 at 12:20 PM EDT
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Healthy skin never goes out of style-- that's why Ilera Apothecary is bringing a new kind of skin care to Michigan.

The company is based in metro Detroit but uses ingredients from around the world to create the best kind of product possible.

Growing up I would get Teen Vogue magazine and it would also say like, make your own sugar scrub or hair mask and I would always do that.

What started as a hobby for Chinonye Akunne-- has now become her career.

"Ilera Apothecary is a beauty tech company," said owner, Chinonye Akunne. "We're vegan and organic and what we do is, we use our Nigerian Principals to create a highly effective product for our customers as well as using AR technology to create a highly effective customer experience."

While its made right here in Michigan-- the creation of the products reaches far beyond the mitten state.

"We use all organic Shea butters, cocoa butters, coconut oils. Traditionally Shea butter is only grown in the central western part of Africa," said Akunne. "The other ingredients that we use like, Calendula, is found in Egypt."

Akunne says its not just about using the best ingredients-- her brand is about staying true to who she is.

"If you notice, we have apothecary in our name, that's an old term for pharmacy," said Akunne. "My dad is a pharmacist and I grew up in that industry and saw him making shaving balms for clients of his who had skin issues."

Now with the help of her family-- Akunne is creating a new kind of skincare in Detroit-- one that is made from only the best ingredients.

"A lot of the things on the market today are substitutes for what is already found in naturally in nature," said Akunne. "Here a lot of the time, people just use the synthetics, but we actually get those raw ingredients and use it in each of our products."

That's why Ilera Apothecary-- is not only organic-- but also vegan.

"Your body absorbs 46% of what you put on your skin, about 20% of that goes into your blood stream. If you're putting fake things on your skin, your body is literally eating that," said Akunne.

Akunne says-- even if you're non-vegan-- that doesn't mean you cant enjoy the products.

"Honestly our client is just someone who wants to use the best ingredients on their skin and feel confident knowing that they're doing that," said Akunne. "It doesn't matter what age you are, your gender or what your race is-- we all have skin and we all want to protect it. If you want that, you're our perfect client."

While major retailers aren't stocked with their products-- with their website, they're easy to find.

"We're currently working out of 200 square feet, all we need is a few hundred more to have a store front and that's perfect for us because when you start introducing large batches you then have to start having to make compromises, we never want to do that," said Akunne.

You can learn more about the products at