Instacart brings online grocery delivery service to Genesee County

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (10/5/2017) - Instacart is taking online grocery shopping to a whole new level.

"Instacart is a same day delivery service," said Megan Zigler of Instacart. "Customers go online or onto our mobile app and we can place that order with a shopper to shop that order at their favorite stores and deliver to their door."

The on-demand grocery service has expanded into places like Flint, Davison, Grand Blanc, Burton and other areas in Genesee County.

"We are aggressively expanding throughout the country. We will be in over 80 percent of households by 2018," Zigler said. "So you would go onto and enter in your zip code and the stores that area available to you will populate and become available to you."

While other services are available, creators say Instacart is different.

The first delivery is always free. Single deliveries are $5.99 after that, or a monthly membership is available for $14.99 or an annual membership is available for $149 covering the delivery fees during those time frames.

"Those monthly and yearly options give you free delivery throughout that time frame," Zigler said.

Unlike other personal shopping options, Instacart offers their services at more than just one store.

"In Flint, we are in Petco, Kroger and Meijer to start with," Zigler said.

For many, letting others pick their produce steers them away from the convenient shopping. Instacart lets you communicate with your shopper using messages and pictures to help pick important grocery options.

"Some people just don't feel like fighting the parking lots or the lines for that day or you're having to stay late at work. Maybe its an occasional thing you do, or maybe you have mobility issues or businesses use our services -- people without cars," Zigler said. "So some of those membership options may make sense for different groups of people."

This service is available in Flint, Flint Township, Grand Blanc, Burton, Davison, Clayton Township, Mount Morris Township, Genesee and Beecher.

Instacart is offering a promo code for $25.00 off your first purchase by using the code, 'HELLOFLINT'.

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