Interactive nutrition class teaches kids lessons on mitigating effects of lead and more

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FLINT (WJRT) - (07/17/19) - A Flint woman is changing the way families eat while helping to mitigate the effects of lead in the process.

Shan Jackson is the community nutrition instructor for MSU Extension. She teaches the Show Me Nutrition class two days a week at Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village.

Each week there is a new recipe on the menu.

"A lot of kinestetic learning inside the class that the kids get to touch and feel and see things that they never saw before," Jackson said.

Wednesday a class of six and seven-year-old students made fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Jackson says SBEV reached out to her after hearing about the program's success at Southwestern Academy. She also teaches senior citizens, juveniles and K thru 12. In advanced classes students may prepare an entire meal and learn culinary skills, such as working with knives.

"We're putting the calcium in, which is the yogurt. This is all good for the effects of the lead," Jackson said as she explained to the students what they'd be making for the day.

While making smoothies the students learned about the importance of 'eating the rainbow.'

"Teaching the kids about their bodies as well as teaching the kids about nutrition education," Jackson said. "That means actually taking apart the rainbow, and what I mean by that, showing them that they can actually eat the rainbow."

She expressed the importance of different colors of foods and each way those foods nourish the body.

"It's been a success that I have actually brought in early childhood development from MSU and also 4H for the fitness portion of nutrition inside the building as well," Jackson said.

Seven-year-old Alaysia's favorite part of the lesson was drinking the smoothie.

"It was when I taste the smoothie because I never tried a fruit and vegetable smoothie before," Alaysia said.

You can call Jackson at 810-244-8534 or visit Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village to learn more about the program.

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