International Academy of Flint evacuated for third time due to possible gas leak

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FLINT (WJRT) (11/13/2017) - Each time a possible gas leak has occurred at the school, Consumers Energy says no leak was found, which leaves students and parents wondering what's going on.

"It was a gas mixture, just like in the air, like kind of heavy," explained Senior Jadale Fransiol.

The smell forced the students from pre-school to high school out of the building around 9:30 a.m. Monday morning.

"It kind of gave me a headache," Fransiol said. His friend, fellow senior Calvin Price, added, "I got a headache, too."

Consumers Energy crews quickly arrived to investigate, while students stood outside for more than an hour. Some were able to stay warm in the church nearby.

The International Academy of Flint sent an alert to parents, informing them of the school day interruption.

"When I got the call this morning I'm like you gotta be kidding I'm just gonna go pick 'em up," Mom, Ashley Carmen said.

She explained she was just up at the school Friday picking her girls up early for the same issue.

'I think it's ridiculous," Carmen said. "I think that this should've been taken care of over the weekend. I just so happened to be bringing my daughters lunch up to the school and I'm like you guys are still not back in the school? This is actually a waste of time."

Carmen says she'd rather school be cancelled for a day or two while the problem is fixed, rather than having to come pick her kids up early again.

"International is a great school, so hopefully they figure it out," she added.

Kennedi Munn agrees. She says she can't keep leaving her college class early to make sure her sister is safe.

"The kids come to school, they're supposed to feel safe, get an education; but, it's sort of interrupting their education because we have a problem," Munn said. "We have a health problem here, gas leak going on and you can't expect the kids to sit down in it, you can't expect the kids to learn in it."

Parents tell ABC12 News school has been cancelled for Tuesday as well. They're hoping a proper investigation will be done to get to the bottom of the smell.

The International Academy of Flint posted a statement to their Facebook page Monday evening regarding the Monday's evacuation. Read their full comments in the 'Related Information' section.

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