Internet safety shopping tips on Cyber Monday

Published: Nov. 27, 2017 at 6:40 PM EST
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(11/27/17) - On Cyber Monday alone retailers are expected to bring in $6.6 billion.

And while many customers set out to get a steal, some will have something stolen from them.

"When you're out there online, watch your password like you watch your wallet," said George Corser, assistant professor of Computer Science and Information Systems at Saginaw Valley State University.

Whether shopping on Cyber Monday or any other day, Corser said internet shopping safety begins with the basics.

"That's the holy grail, is the password," he said.

Corser said the best practice is to never use the same password twice.

"If somebody steals one account, password and credentials, then they've got you for everything," he said.

Because it can be tough to remember all those user names and password, Corser says pick a pass phrase.

"So you'll have maybe four words: camel, jockey, tungsten, fork," Corser said.

He went on to explain that online shoppers should mix up those words with each new site they sign into.

"Each given word might be crackable, but the entire string of four words is very hard to crack," Corser said.

Also, shoppers should pay close attention to where they are browsing. Hackers and scammers love to phish. They create fake websites and send legit-looking emails, hoping people will enter your user name and password.

"Lots of people are very smart, and they still click on these things, because you know we're busy people. Things do look similar," Corser said.

They goal is to steal your money with information you gave them.

"That's what happens out there is the fake websites get your password, you log in and they're going to take same information and trying using it on all the money accounts," Corser said.

Corser said at bare minimum keep your passwords for money accounts and non-money sites different.

That way if hackers steal a password to a shopping site, they won't then be able to easily get into your bank account.