Jack's market temporarily closed due to flooding in Thomas Township

THOMAS TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (05/21/2020) - Of all the places to buy groceries in Saginaw County, there is one market that Judy McKillop is willing to travel a little further to shop.

"I love Jack's and I pretty much shop here every week," she said.

During these uncertain times, McKillop said coming to Jack's Market on Gratiot Avenue gives a sense of comfort that she doesn't feel shopping elsewhere.

"With this virus, it's one of the stores I trust. That they are doing all the social distancing, all the disinfecting, the masks and that," she said.

Wednesday, McKillop made a special trip to Jack's, but not to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables.

"Just wanted to come and see what the damage was and if they actually had water in the store or if they were going to be opening up or not," she said.

She, along with employees, found a flood in the parking lot instead.

"The entire parking lot was filled with water. That car, it was up to the taillights on it and they had wreckers in here, pulling the cars out, it was pretty bad," said Jack's store manager Ben Harris.

He said employees had a late night, trying to make sure the water stayed outside.

"Probably receded about 10 feet from where it was yesterday, when finally left the store," said Harris.

That's good news for longtime shoppers like McKillop. She's hoping with her next trip to Jack's she won't have to leave empty handed.

"The water wasn't in the store, so I'm happy about that," McKillop said.