Jason Derulo takes a break from the studio to play in Mid-Michigan this weekend

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MT. PLEASANT (WJRT) - (10/02/2016) - "There's fans everywhere man," Jason Derulo says as he prepares to play Mt. Pleasant this weekend. "It really doesn't matter the location, if there's fans there, I'm there."
Saturday's show at Soaring Eagle Casino isn't part of a tour, in fact it's one of just two shows he has scheduled for the rest of the year at this point as he finishes up recording the follow up to 2015's Everything Is 4. And while he's busy in the studio, he tells ABC12 over the phone that it's nice to take breaks to get out and perform every so often.
"It's ideal during album time. You know, it's not like a full tour, it's a little more intimate and it just works schedule wise. A couple shows here and then come back to the crib, record, record, record, a couple shows there. It keeps it fun man."
After more than 30 million singles sold in just seven years, Jason obviously knows how the process should work at this point. And at 27, he already has a greatest hits album, Platinum Hits, which came out earlier this summer.
"I'm so proud, it was definitely a milestone moment to release a project like that. Just releasing all the platinum songs that America made platinum. And it's not even counting the songs that are platinum outside of America. But I wanted to center around home, cause outside of America it's 22 songs that are platinum, which is kind of crazy. But yeah man, it's been a hell of a ride and it's all thanks to the fans out there."
Derulo has no plans to slow down anytime soon. Aside from the new album and his job as a judge on So you Think You Can Dance, Jason is dabbling in acting, something he plans to take a bit more seriously as time goes on.
"I'm gonna make a huge dive into acting at some point. I've just been so submersed in music, I just need to take a second and be able to just focus solely on acting. Cause it deserves it's own focus and it's own time. It's not somethin' that you can go back and forth and be great at both, you really have to take focus."
While it appears that his workload could be overwhelming at times, Jason says he actually doesn't look at any of these projects as work.
"It's somethin' that I've always done and somethin' that I love. That's why I always give the advice you gotta choose somethin' that you love, that you're passionate about, because it's so much easier to do those things all the time. If you're not into it, if it's not a passion of yours, it's a job man. And it's a lot harder to do it all the time and become better and become great at somethin' that you don't really love."

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