President Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

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FLINT (WJRT) (12/6/2017) - Moments after President Trump's announcement - protests erupted around the Middle East.

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At home, two Mid-Michigan organizations see this move as historical change for the region.

"Jerusalem is and always has been and will be the internal capital of Israel,” Steven Low Flint Jewish Federation Executive Director said.

“That Jerusalem is only there for Jews or that it is distinctly there for Jews and that the other traditions and history in Jerusalem are not as recognizable and not as significant,” Arab American Heritage Council Devin Jones Executive Director said.

Low and Jones have both been to Israel on several occasions.

On their trips, they've visited many of the historical landmarks and know the rich history of this region.

Low says the president's announcement has a chance of creating peace after years of no movement.

“I hope it will shake some people out of their lethargy and as a result maybe begin to move peace negations forward,” Low said.

Jones says this is another move to push Palestinians out of the country and hindering any chance the United States has in aiding peace.

They could have better luck with another country stepping in to help negotiations, he said.

"Jewish Israelis are meant to stay here, and the Palestinian claim to land and peoplehood isn't entirely near as much,” Jones said.

Some Palestinian’s are calling for three days of rage.

Jones says days of rage is a common phrase, which ends up being mostly peaceful protests like people rallying and chanting in the streets.

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