Job openings may be coming at Consumers Energy

Published: Oct. 19, 2016 at 6:40 PM EDT
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(10/19/16) - Consumers Energy is showing what the future of jobs in the state could be.

A lot of people at Consumers Energy and other utility companies are thinking about retirement. It looks like students could find work if they're prepared.

Students from Flint high schools tagged along as Consumers Energy workers showed them some of the equipment they use every day.

Jobs in the energy industry generally pay well and they can be interesting for those who like engineering and technology.

"We want to make kids aware of that so when they're thinking about their future they will possibly think about careers in the energy industry," said Debra Dodd, a Consumers Energy spokesperson.

"We have all kinds of opportunities, various different jobs, different paths they can go within the company. Not just gas, there's electricity. There's all kinds of different departments they can definitely find a career in," said Tobin Schalk, of Consumers Energy.

"I got curious about it and decided to check it out. I saw there's a lot more out here to do," said Marcell Simmons, a student at Flint Northwestern High School.

Everyone at Consumers had the same advice: Stay in school, get as much education as you can, keep your driving record clear and stay out of trouble.