Judge Mathis organizing water caravan and rally in Flint November 1st

Published: Sep. 24, 2018 at 11:46 PM EDT
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(09/24/2018) - A famous TV judge is organizing a large water caravan to bring additional relief to Flint.

It'll happen just days before the election day. It's not the first time he's been to Flint.

"Judge Mathis ", as he's known from television, came to Flint in January of 2016 to help answer people's legal questions.

The judge now wants to bring bottled water to Flint, and hold a rally at Quin Chapel AME, where he spoke in the last time he was here.

As someone who has devoted his adult life to public service, Mathis feels this is something he should do.

"We have a compassion," he said, "for people and for others, and we have an obligation and a responsibility to exercise our leadership in a way that supports others."

When asked if he believes access to clean water is a human right, he replied,"It's a human right because we cannot survive without it."

Frustrated the state is no longer supplying bottled water to Flint residents, Judge Mathis is rallying folks in Detroit to organize a caravan, four large semis that will drive to drop off sites in Pontiac--Saginaw--arriving in Flint for a water distribution and rally.

The Mathis Community Center in Detroit will be the headquarters for the effort.

Mayor Karen Weaver joining Mathis for his announcement Monday evening.

Mathis said he's also disappointed he's not hearing more about Flint from the Gubernatorial candidates:

"We hear the democrats talk a lot about health care," he said,"what is a bigger issue in health care than clean water?"

"We hear a lot on the Republican side about tax cuts and other things that have no real bearing on saving the live and providing clean water for Flint," he added.

"Flint needs to be front and center," said Mayor Karen Weaver,"because this is one of the greatest public health issues, crisis that we face that's a man made one. So they need to be talking with us."

The timing is no coincidence. Mathis says he hopes the candidates will show up at the rally on November 1st, just three days before voters head to the polls to decide who the next governor will be.

The mayor says she wants people to stay on bottled and filtered water while the service lines are being replaced.