Keeping children safe in a car seat

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(WJRT) (11/13/2017) - A 1-year-old is the only passenger to survive an accident on I-94 in St. Clair Shores Monday. His mom and three other adults were killed instantly.

Police are crediting the baby's car seat for saving his life. They say the child was buckled in and only received minor injuries from the crash.

ABC12 spoke with a certified child passenger safety instructor about how to keep your children safe in an accident. Even the smallest mistake buckling a child in can be life-threatening.

Lew Moquin say the car seat shouldn't be able to move more than an inch in any direction.

He says that's the biggest problem he sees when inspecting car seats.

And he added, it's difficult in this weather, but the puffy jackets need to come off when children are buckled in.

"The jacket can go over them, use it like a blanket. It's not the easiest thing to do, but it is safer," he said. "Because in a crash, all of that material will compress and the harness won't be tight."

Moquin says the harness needs to be at or below the baby's shoulder-level for any rear-facing child. And, he says the chest clip needs to be at the baby's armpit-level.

He says you'll know it's on properly, if you can't pinch any of the harness material at the baby's shoulders.

Moquin works with area hospitals and Safe Kids Greater Flint to teach parents and grandparents how to buckle their kids in safely.

He says the car seat should be rear-facing until the child is at least 2-years-old. And the child needs to stay in a car seat until they're 4-foot-9 or 8-years-old.

If you're not sure your child is safe, Moquin hosts car seat inspections monthly.

"We'll take the car seat out, we check it for recalls, make sure all the parts are there and then we educate the parent how to correctly put the child in the seat," he explained. "So, if there's any mistakes made we fix them right there and show the parent what we did. And we actually have them make the correction."

There's a car seat safety inspection this Thursday at the Genesee Health Plan at 2171 S. Linden Road in Flint Township.

If you're interested, it is appointment only, you're urged to call (810-235-5613).

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