Kenneth White's fiancée: Arrests bring some peace, going to try to forgive

Published: Oct. 23, 2017 at 11:43 PM EDT
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(10/23/2017) - Amiee Cagle, the fiancee of Kenneth White, learned that five teens will be charged with second degree murder shortly before Kenneth's wake in Clio on Monday evening.

"I just hope they realize their actions and how many lives they torn apart, and know that what they did was wrong," said Cagle.

She said while learning there have been arrests in her fiancee's death brings her some peace, it will never bring him back. That's hard to explain to their young son, who is only 5.

"He keeps asking about his daddy," she said. "And to tell him he's not coming back has been hard. I try to explain. He's so young, he's only 5, he doesn't understand."

Five teenage boys from Clio are being charged as adults with second degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, six counts each of malicious destruction of property and some other misdemeanors.

Bill Landon, one of White's best friends, was happy to hear police made arrests in the case, but questioned why they were charged with second degree murder instead of the more serious first degree murder.

"What did they think was going to happen, just going to bounce off the road?" he asked. "They knew it would hit a car. Unfortunately, it was my best friend and killed him."

Cagle said she hopes the teens are punished to the full extent of the law, and the one who threw the rock that killed the 32-year-old White is sentenced to life in prison.

When asked if she will ever be able to forgive the teens, she said she's going to try.

"Because I know that's what Kenneth would have wanted, because he's a good man. He knows I'm a good-hearted person and he was a good-hearted person," she said. "It's going to take time, a lot of time."

Police have singled out a 17-year-old, the oldest in the group, for throwing the six-pound rock that killed White. No one at his home wanted to discuss the case, but a woman who came to door said they're grieving too.