Kettering University increases reward after racist graffiti is found on campus

Published: Mar. 20, 2018 at 10:19 PM EDT
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(3/20/2018) - Earlier this month students were notified about the ongoing threats on their campus.

F.B.I. and Flint police are now working to solve this mystery.

In an effort to help Kettering University and Crime Stoppers are offering a combined $5,000 to any tip that can lead to an arrest.

“It's contrary to everything we stand for as an institution,” Kettering University Director of Marketing and Communication Patrick Hayes said.

Kettering University is putting $4,000 of its own money to find whoever put racist graffiti in a restroom inside Thompson Hall.

And who wrote a threatening note and slipped it into an African-American freshman's dorm room with names of other African-American students.

"This is not who Kettering is. This is not what we are about, and we are just committed to bringing a resolution to this,” Hayes told ABC 12.

The person or people behind this could face serious jail time.

“You know we value every member of our community here. We are a small campus. It's important that we solve this and assist law enforcement in any way we can,” Hayes said.

Crime Stoppers is already offering any tipster around a $1,000 that lead to an arrest.

“With Crime Stoppers we don't know who you are and you can remain anonymous and help solve this crime,” Flint and Genesee County Crime Stoppers Director Julie Lopes said.

Lopez says increasing the reward has helped solve cases before.

She's hoping this extra cash will help bring someone forward.

“Either a student who knows something or somebody who was visiting knew something people talk. It is not only the person who did this crime that knows about it,” she said.

If you think you may know some information that can lead to an arrest, you're asked to call 1-800-422-JAIL.