Kettering University official: College admissions scam 'not normal'

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FLINT (WJRT) (03/12/2019) - A Kettering University admissions official weighs in on the bribery allegations after fifty people were charged in connection with an alleged scheme to use bribes to get their children into some of the country's most elite schools.

"I'm going to go with this is a complete outlier, yeah, this is not normal," said Cornelius Darcy, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing at Kettering University.

After speaking with Darcy, we attended Tuesday night's Basketball Quarterfinal at Grand Blanc High School to talk with parents.

"I'm shocked because we teach our kids to earn their way and to make their own way," said Ericka Taylor.

"We certainly don't want to bribe somebody to get them ahead of everybody else."

The mother-of-four has one child in college, and three younger children who will eventually attend.

Her husband, Julian Taylor, is also the head basketball coach at Saginaw High School.

Tuesday night his boys battled it out on the hardwood against the Howell HIghlanders in the Division 1 quarter final.

Taylor said the accusations serve as a reminder of the importance of what her husband does:

"My husband is an ethical coach, and he teaches his kids to earn their way to whatever they get," she said.

Cornelius Darcy, who oversees admissions at Kettering University, says their process is also focused on a foundation of ethics, even after students are admitted:

"There's a lot of document checking, verification, final transcripts are shared," he said.

Darcy said it all starts with making sure they're evaluating authentic documentation, a step that's even more important in the age of "self reporting" when it comes to SAT and ACT scores:

"There's an opportunity for students to be able share scores within their application process we obviously rely on the actual test report," Darcy said,"that's one more point of reference."

Darcy adds that despite the scandal, parents should not despair.

He believes this country has a strong process in place in terms of providing access to higher education on an equitable basis.