Kevin Bacon's parents reeling from 'gut-wrenching' details of his death

Published: Jan. 6, 2020 at 6:38 PM EST
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(1/6/2020) - Investigators say the Grindr online dating site led them to the body of 25-year-old Kevin Bacon on Dec. 28.

He had been reported missing on Christmas Day. Court documents obtained by ABC12 on Monday detail how police found Bacon's mutilated body at a residence in Shiawassee County three days later.

The documents provide disturbing details about the Swartz Creek man's final moments alive. They lay out the case against 50-year-old Mark David Latunski, who is charged with Bacon's murder and mutilation.

***Warning: Some details may be too disturbing for some readers***

Latunski's home remained taped off as a crime scene on Monday. The affidavit filed Monday shows the evidence Michigan State Police shared in a Shiawassee County courtroom last week to prove the charges against Latunski.

Just after midnight December 28th, Clayton Township Police had asked the Michigan State Police for help with a welfare check at Latunski's home on Tyrrell Road in Bennington Township, believing Bacon was there.

Lt. Dave Kaiser said Clayton Township got that information from the Grindr app on Bacon's phone, which they found in his vehicle.

"We're able to uncover some of the messages in that dating app to learn he's having a conversation with a Mark (David) Latunski over in Shiawassee County," he said.

Latunski welcomed troopers inside when they arrived with no incident.

"Troopers check the upstairs. They check the main floor and they check the basement," Kaiser said. "When we're checking the basement, they find a hidden room in the basement."

***Warning: Some details may be too disturbing for some readers***

The court document shows, "a search of the residence resulted in finding Mr. Bacon hanging deceased and naked from the ceiling."

It continues "Under Miranda warnings, Mr. Latunski admitted to the murder of Mr. Bacon."

Latunski allegedly told police he stabbed Bacon in the back of the neck and slit his throat before hanging him upside down. Latunski also allegedly admitted to cutting off part of Bacon's body, cooking and eating it.

Looking at the heinous nature of the crime, Kaiser said a team of detectives is working to find out whether Latunski may have killed anyone else.

"And right now we don't have evidence to support that, but that is something we're looking at," he said.

Bacon's parents had a difficult day Monday as the community learned how their son allegedly was brutally murdered.

"It's gut-wrenching to hear the details and we're just beside ourselves," said Karl Bacon, who is Kevin's father. "I don't think we've had the time to process everything. It's all been kind of fast -paced the last few days."

The family laid Kevin Bacon to rest last week.

"What was released today shows Kevin had a dark side, but those who knew and loved Kevin did not know that side," Karl Bacon said. "Those who knew him knew the good side, knew he loved and cherished everybody he touched."

Investigators still have a lot of questions with the case. Michigan State Police have 14 detectives, including an analyst, working on the case with help from the FBI.

"He was a good person, he was compassionate, he cared for the people he met, he cared for the people he worked with," Karl Bacon said. "He loved everybody."

That's how the Bacons want their son remembered and why they'll continue to show up for him.

"It might be hard, but it's what we got to do for Kevin," Kevin's Mom, Pamela Bacon, said.

Latunski is due back in court on Wednesday for a probable cause conference.

Bacon's parents and police are asking anyone who may have encountered him to call 1-877-616-4677 or email