GOOD KIDS: Kids honor community heroes

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GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (7/13/17) - The kids at Angel Kisses Christian Learning Center have put a lot of love and time into making hero bags to make sure the people who keep us safe feel loved.

Angel Kisses Christian Learning Center

"As a team we came up with the hero bags. We had the kids put the hero bags together, and then asked them who they thought community heroes were, and they came up with police, fire and ambulance," said co-owner Laura Hawks.

Hawks shared pictures of the bags online which came complete with treats. The post has been shared quite a few times now and is receiving good responses from fire and police departments.

The children gave 20 bags to an officer with the Grand Blanc Township Police Department to take back to the police station and 20 to a paramedic with Swartz Ambulance earlier this week. Thursday the kids were pumped up after a trip to Bishop International Airport to see the firefighters and say thank you.

"They're, you know, wonderful kids who are very passionate about others and it didn't surprise me at all," Hawks said.

The daycare is expanding and will be accepting new applicants in Mid-August. Check out the related link section for more details.

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