LPGA tourney champs to take home diamond necklaces from Bay City

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BAY CITY (WJRT) - (06/10/19) - All eyes will be on Midland next month when some of the world's best female golfers tee off during the first-ever Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational.

Not only will the winners on the two-person team take home prize money and a new trophy in the LPGA event, they'll add a pendant and necklace to their jewelry box.

"Eighteen carat, white gold piece with diamonds throughout the entire piece. It's going to have a little over a carat of diamonds. It retails at about $6,000," said Nick Schwall, a fifth generation owner at Herman Hiss and Company in Bay City.

The 152-year-old jeweler is a sponsor of the event, and was tasked with creating a custom piece for the winners.

"The wonderful thing about is to every single person it represents something. It is actually the country club logo," Schwall said. "Kinda represents the Tridge itself, which is such a staple in our area."

Schwall designed the piece, which will have custom engraving on the back.

Utica-based HL Manufacturing is responsible for making it come to life. "They make everything in Michigan. American made. Wonderful, wonderful family. A small company," Schwall said.

A third piece is being made too. It'll be given away at an after-party for volunteers.

"That piece is in sterling silver, rhodium plated with white sapphires," Schwall said.

The LPGA event at the Midland Country Club is designed to showcase the entire region, including businesses like Herman Hiss.

Schwall said members of the family-owned business will be on-hand to present the pendants and necklaces to the winners during the July tournament.

"When they're done, they take it around the world and remember a little piece of Mid-Michigan," Schwall said.

During the tournament, July 15-20, the pieces will be on display at various locations throughout the course.

The pieces shown in this story are the prototypes. The pieces the winners will take home arrive later this week.

Herman Hiss is owned by Schwall, his wife Christine Schwall, Thomas Hiss Tabor and Barbara Tabor Bosco.

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