Labor dispute between MITA and union workers continues despite Snyder as mediator

LANSING (WJRT) (09/25/18)- A labor dispute between union workers and the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association continues, despite Governor Rick Snyder efforts to work as a mediator.

Monday, there are reports out that MITA is planning to bring in non-union workers to replace union workers to restart construction projects around the state.

State officials said they've never seen anything quite like this, so they are not sure what to do. In the meantime, hundreds of construction projects across the state are still shut down.

"No, this is unprecedented," said MDOT Communications Director Jeff Cranson.

His office has been bombarded with calls and emails, about the work stoppage.

"We have engineers and planners who spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to ease people's commute and and make their lives as easy as possible and plan these projects to limit the inconvenience so something like this is very frustrating," said Cranson.

"We are not getting in the middle of a labor dispute, but we have an interest for our citizens. Because obviously our roads are critically important . We have a lot of road projects that are currently under construction that are not making progress," Snyder said.

More than 150 construction projects all across the state.
Wednesday, Governor Snyder met with the two sides, hoping to find common ground.

"We weren't able to get a short or long term solution. It was clear the parties were not in agreement, that there is no activity that's going to immediately take place to get the road work going again," Snyder said.

The governor say they are looking at their options to get work going again on some of these projects, including bringing in the National Guard.

"I hope getting the governor involved this week at least got some people's attention and has them rethinking their position and preparing to compromise, but who knows," said Cranson.

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