Fenton-area schools leave secure mode after police arrest person of interest

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FENTON (WJRT) (3/12/2019) - Students in Lake Fenton Community Schools and Fenton Area Public Schools were placed in secure mode on Tuesday while police searched for a person of interest.

UPDATE: 18-year-old stole parents' guns, leading to schools in secure mode, police say

Lake Fenton Superintendent Julie Williams sent a note to parents around 9 a.m. informing them of the situation. The note says police are seeking a person of interest in the area who could pose a threat to the community.

Fenton Superintendent Adam Hartley also posted a note around 9:45 a.m. indicating his district also was in secure mode.

Williams issued another statement around 11 a.m. indicating police took the person of interest into custody and Lake Fenton schools were released from secure mode. Hartley made another statement saying the Fenton schools were back to normal operations, as well.

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office could not immediately say who the person was or what the investigation entails.

Holly Area Schools Superintendent Scott Roper said he was made aware of the police search and says two people were involved, according to letter posted on Facebook. The persons of interest were taken into custody in downtown Holly.

Holly schools briefly were in secure mode before learning about the arrests. All of the administrators pointed out that entering secure mode was only a precaution and all students were safe.

"I want to assure you there was never a threat made toward Lake Fenton Schools, but we wanted to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of our students and staff, while law enforcement looked for the individual in question," Williams wrote in her second statement.

Secure mode involves limiting hallway traffic, keeping students indoors for recess and stationing police at each school. Classes were continuing on schedule in all districts and visitors were allowed in the buildings.

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