Lapeer Community Schools proposes $94.9 million bond for November ballot

LAPEER (WJRT) (3/14/2019) - Only a few years after a major change of facilities at Lapeer Community Schools, a new change is being proposed --- and it won't be cheap.

The existing Lapeer High School would house elementary school students under a plan going before voters in November.

The district is asking voters to pass a $94.9 million bond proposal on the November ballot.

"We wanted to come as close to a once in for all solution of the configuration of the district as we can, this gets us there," said Superintendent, Matt Wandrie.

The proposed restructuring plan would cost the average Lapeer homeowner about $12 a month.

"We certainly understand there will be feelings on both sides of this issue, we have the next seven or eight months to educate the community, answer questions and make people feel as comfortable as possible with this large of a change," Wandrie said.

The large change would involve reconfiguring the East Campus, which currently is the home of Lapeer High School, to serve students in first through fourth grades. That also means closing Lynch, Mayfield and Murphy elementary schools.

"Rolland-Warner will be a 5-6 building, Zemmer would become 7-8, and then a majority of the money would be to construct the high school site at the West Campus housing 9-12," Wandrie said.

The former West High School campus and current Center for Innovation would undergo a full-scale renovation to become the new Lapeer High School.

One of the main reasons for choosing this as the new site, is the district's athletic complex already at that location.

"The footprint of the building would remain the same. We want to demo a majority of it and replace it with a two-story high school," Wandrie said. "The nice benefit is that we already dealt with the athletic complex component which is usually a big ticket item in school bond projects, but that's out of the way."

While most of the funds would go to rebuild a new high school, some would be allocated to restructure the East Campus to better fit elementary school students.