Lapeer County voters required to cover school insignias before voting on millage

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LAPEER COUNTY (WJRT) (11/5/2019) - A handful of voters in Lapeer County weren't allowed to cast their ballots Tuesday morning until they changed clothes to conceal Lapeer Community Schools insignias.

Some voters at the Mayfield Township Hall in Lapeer County were required to cover Lapeer Community Schools logos on their clothing before they could vote Tuesday morning.

Just after 7 a.m., Lisa Meyer was waiting to cast her ballot in a Lapeer schools millage request at the Mayfield Township polling place when she heard a commotion.

Another voter had shown up to the polls wearing a sweatshirt and T-shirt printed with a Lapeer schools insignia.

"They told her she couldn't go in with either of those things," Meyer said.

The woman was eventually allowed to vote.

"What she ended up doing was turning her hoodie around and tying it around her back so that it covered the insignia on the T-shirt and the insignia on her sweatshirt," Meyer said.

The insignia represents Lapeer schools, which were asking voters to approve a $94.9 million bond proposal on the ballot Tuesday. Election workers asked the clerk about voters wearing the schools branding on Election Day.

"In the past, we have been very conservative about what we have in the polling place, probably err on the side of caution," said Lapeer County Clerk Theresa Spencer.

She revised her stance on clothing allowed at the polls Tuesday after reviewing election law. Lapeer schools logos were allowed again as long as they didn't contain a message for or against the millage request.

Everyone who showed up to vote in Lapeer County was allowed to cast a ballot, Spencer said.