Lapeer Teens will stand trial for conspiracy to commit murder and terrorism

Published: May. 12, 2017 at 12:00 AM EDT
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(05/11/17) - Three Mid-Michigan teens will now stand trial for their involvement in an alleged Columbine-style plot to shoot up Zemmer Middle School and Lapeer High School.

The judge's ruling came following a hearing that lasted into the evening.

The teens face adult charges of conspiracy to commit murder and terrorism.

The three teens were escorted into the courtroom in handcuffs--wearing dress shirts.

Detective Robert Wells the first to take the stand, testifying about the discovery of a red notebook found in defendant Gunnar Rice's locker.

He reads from an entry dated January 31st, 2017:

"Today is the day we start planning , God I cannot wait to exterminate all the f******* animals at this school, we will kill anyone and everyone of our choosing."

He then reads from an entry dated February 1st , 2017 that investigators believe was written by defendant Dylan DeAngelis:

"I want them all dead, those gangsters and cool kids and all the f****** people who think they're better than me, bombs fire, guns, they'll all pay for what they've f******* done to us."

Gunnar Rice's defense attorney Matthew Norwood says the prosecution failed to prove the teens took any action towards carrying out their threats.

"These kids made a bad choice in some of the statements they've made but they were just kidding - there were bad jokes. There was nothing that showed their was any kind of movement towards any kind of real action," he said,

Defense attorney Mike Manley, who's representing Dylan DeAngelis had this to say after learning the three teens will stand trial.

"Well we're disappointed," he said, "there's obviously a mental health component to this case - it's time for everybody to take a step back, re-evaulate the evidence, that did come out, even though there's enough evidence for probably cause - I don't think enough to convict beyond a reasonable doubt."

All three teens will be in Circuit Court on May 22nd.

Bond for 15-year olds Dylan DeAngelis and Asa Candela has been set at 100-thousand dollars each.

The judge also ordered Dylan DeAngelis to get mental health counseling.

Bond for 14-year old Gunnar Rice has been set at 150-thousand dollars.