Large 'pothole' on I-69 causes flat tires and a multi car accident

Break in road across westbound I-69 at Peacock Road near Perry.
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PERRY, MI. (WILX) - Avoid I-69 Westbound west of Perry - that's what local police were telling News 10 Tuesday morning.

That's because emergency vehicles were on the scene dealing with what one agency called - a "Texas-size pothole."

Many vehicles were on the shoulders of I-69 near Peacock according to the Bath Township Police.

NEWS 10's Kellan Buddy was on the scene and was told by a MDOT representative that the break in the road was caused by a joint failure, and rebar was sticking up from the opening causing flat tires.

Six to eight cars were affected by the rebar.

There was also a 3 car pile up near the Woodbury Road exit caused by the back up.

As of now, 1:11 p.m., one lane is still closed on westbound I-69 near Peacock Road but it should be re-open by drive time.

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