Genesee County Animal Control looking to keep animal count low ahead of next year's remodel

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FLINT (WJRT) (12/23/17) - Today is the last day for free pet adoptions to qualified applicants at the Genesee County Animal Control shelter-- for now.

"We had almost 200 animals when we started this adoption drive. We have fewer than 100 in the building right now," said Amy Warner with Genesee County Animal Control.

"We opened the doors this morning. there was probably 30 people waiting so we're probably going to get quite a few more in homes today," she said.

Ethan Fike drove all the way from Port Huron to adopt Blessing, a pit bull.

"We decided we didn't want to get a dog from a pet store, when we could just come here and save one. We saw online that they were doing a holiday special, so we decided to come here and save a dog," he said.

The shelter has and will continue to do free adoption drives for dogs and cats to qualified applicants in preparation for next year's remodel.

"We are trying to not have so many animals here in the building when it happens because we're going to have to shift them all around when they're doing the remodel in the different sections of the shelter," Warner said.

the multi million dollar renovation will not only add appeal to potential adopters, it will also improve the living space for the animals.

"Kennels for the dogs, a new area for the cats, it will be a bigger, better shelter. We'll be able to facilitate our animals so much better than we do now."

But for now,donations, loving homes and dedicated volunteers are all they need.

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