Latest in 3D mammography increases chances of early detection

It's the first of it's kind for a mid-Michigan hospital, and it could be the difference in early detection for breast cancer.

McLaren Flint has purchased the latest in 3D mammography technology, and is giving women some peace of mind by using it.

"I feel a lot more comfortable and confident with the results," says patient Julie Forebush.

Forebush is just one of the few women in mid-Michigan who has experienced the new technology when it comes to 3D mammography exams.

"The 3 dimensional actually takes slices through the breast tissue and then we put that together," says Dr. Linda Lawrence.

Dr. Lawrence says in conventional 2D mammography is often times the reason why small breast cancers may be missed.

"We can scroll through those images when were looking at the breast tissue, so we can actually get in plane to the breast tissue," says Dr. Lawrence.

After her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year ago, Julie Forebush wanted to be examined as well. She's no strangers now to mammography, but this is her first experience using a 3D exam.

"The process is really almost identical, the 3D to the 2D," says Forebush. "To know that if there is something in there, they will be able to detect that with the images that they're taking, it kind of put my mind at ease."

While going from 2D to 3D isn't very different for patients, for doctors like Dr. Lawrence, it can make the world of difference.

"This will pick up cancers at a much smaller stage now, and the earlier detection means a better survival rate," says Dr. Lawrence.

According to doctors at McLaren, 3D mammography is covered by most insurances.