Lear Corp., Davis Cartage Co. hiring hundreds of workers in Mid-Michigan

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MICHIGAN (WJRT) (12/31/2018) - If you're in search of a new job this New Year, you're in luck. Two big companies in mid-Michigan are hiring.

Both the Lear Corporation in Flint and the Davis Cartage Company in Corunna are looking for new employees.

As you get yourself ready to apply, career coach Kris Plantrich, of Resume Wonders, said you should really hone in on making your resume the best it can be.

"You want to make it focused. That's the most important piece," she explained. "So, when you're applying for different positions or you're presenting your resume to different places, take the time to do a little bit of research, you know, for the position you'll be applying for. What type of skills are they looking for? What types of experiences?"

The Lear Corporation in Flint is accepting resumes January 3rd through 5th. They can be dropped off at the location on East Hamilton Avenue.

The seat manufacturing facility is looking to hire more than 430 employees.

Plantrich said when dropping off your resume, you can catch their attention by including a cover letter or adding a pop of color to some words you'd like to stand out.

She explained the cover letter helps you offer a little more about your background, including personal information that may set you a part.

Most importantly, Plantrich said don't forget to include your email address on the paperwork you drop off.

Later in January, both Lear and the Davis Cartage Company in Corunna will be hosting job fairs.

Davis Cartage is looking for up to 20 truck drivers who could get a nice signing bonus of around $1,250.

Plantrich suggested you show up to a job fair like it's the interview. She said you should dress professionally, bring multiple resumes and be prepared. Because, she explained, this is the employer's first impression of you.

"They're gonna ask you questions, so know some of those questions: Why do you want to work there? What was the last job that you worked at? What makes you special?" she explained. "The more you can prepare and have conversations with them, the more they're gonna remember you; and hopefully, you'll get a call back because of it."

For details on both upcoming hiring fairs and the qualifications needed to apply, check out the 'Related Links' section of this story.

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