Lear Corp. employees volunteer time at Catholic Charities of Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) (04/04/18) - Dozens of Lear Corp. employees spent their Wednesday volunteering at Catholic Charities Center for Hope in Flint while awaiting opening day of their new plant next week.

"It makes you feel good. To give back is what it's all about," said volunteer Bill Dillman.

Volunteers spent their time sorting clothes, books, shoes, cleaning the dining area and even making bottled soap.

"When you get a group like this that can stay for a large portion of the day and do all these projects, I mean, it's just wonderful, it wouldn't get done," said Catholic Charities CEO Vicky Schultz.

Lear Corp. is getting ready to open its automotive seating plant in Flint next week. Part of Lear's philosophy is giving back to the communities they serve.

"We went to the food bank the last two days and they talked about if a kid didn't have a backpack, then the kid wouldn't eat and that really touched a lot of people," said volunteer Michael Buterakos.

"We're passionate about people who are not able to do for themselves and for us to be out here helping them, it's great," said volunteer Telisa Boles.

Lear Corp. plans to do more volunteer events throughout Genesee County through the end of the year.

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