Bay City bans left turns at an intersection by Liberty Bridge

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BAY CITY (WJRT) (10/9/2019) - Bay City is making a major change to one of its busiest roads. After nearly 40 vehicle crashes - the city is going to make drivers wait a bit before turning left off the Liberty Bridge.

Drivers won't be able to turn left onto Walnut Street, which is the first street once you cross the bridge. Instead drivers will have to go at least an extra block and turn on North Linn Street.

There have been 40 accidents at this intersection over ten years on East Vermont Street. The city is looking at reducing the risk of rear-end, side-swipe, and angle crashes.

Drivers can still turn left one and two blocks down. The city says these two intersections are safer for left turns and they won't back up traffic on the bridge.

The city will be putting up no turn signs next week.