Linden City Hall to reopen Monday after car crashes into building

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LINDEN (WJRT) - (04/12/19) - City hall in Linden has been closed since Thursday afternoon. That's when police say an elderly man was trying to park in the Subway parking lot across the street. Instead of hitting the brake, he hit the gas and drove right into the building.

"He shot across Main Street and then hit our building," Police Chief Scott Sutter said.

Sutter says it was an accident. The man drove a four door Toyota into the wall creating an imprint.

Sutter showed ABC12 the damage to the outside of the building, and the cracks in the wall on the inside.

The city's building inspector said they should close until a structural engineer could come out to inspect. The closure created a temporary halt for residents trying to conduct city business Thursday and Friday. Fire and police operated normally.

Friday afternoon the structural engineer said the building is safe for people to return.

"They took a look at our building. They went throughout the building. Actually we tore out some flooring and some dry wall to go deeper into it to make sure it was safe," Sutter said.

The man driving the car was not having a medical episode and will not be charged for the accident. Chief Sutter is just happy he's okay.

"He has a clean driver's record. It's an accident and fortunately he was fine," Sutter said.

City hall will reopen Monday morning. The cost of the repairs has yet to be determined.