Linden experiencing growing pains

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LINDEN (WJRT) - (9/13/19) - A big construction project in downtown Linden could lead to new businesses next year.

But its causing some headaches this year, for current business owners and residents.

Beloved Books Owner Heather Idoni said, "I know some businesses have had challenges, but we're very excited about the construction on the corner. We hope it will bring more retail to downtown Linden."

For the second year in a row, downtown Linden is dealing with orange barrels and other obstacles which are having an impact on local business, especially the parking.

Down the Hatch Pub Manager Lucy Ayliffe commented, "Customers are complaining they don't have a place to park in town to come and visit the stores and establishments."

Rodney Allan, a former Linden Resident added, "The city should advertise the parking in the back a little better. Most of us who've lived here know there is a big lot back there, but, if you're just visiting, you may not be aware of it."

A brand new 5600 square foot office building is being built to accommodate an orthodontist that is currently across the street, as well as other retail and perhaps a restaurant.

Workers on the project are helping somewhat by spending money in town.

While some welcome this expansion, others aren't so sure.

Linden resident Kathy Raby-Walker said, "You know I have mixed emotions. I do really feel like it's good for the community. I grew up in Fenton and Fenton has just blown up. I do not want Linden to blow up."

Completion of the project should wrap up next spring.

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