Lions Club project provides blankets to first responders

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(WJRT) - (11/28/2017) - The Gaines Area and Linden Lions Clubs teamed up to start a sewing club and their teamwork turned into the Covered in Love Blanket Project.

Over the weekend, the Linden Police and Fire Departments received more than a dozen blankets from the women.

"It's such a generous gift for the community and they do a lot for our community and we really truly appreciate," said Linden Police Chief Scott Sutter.

Over the past few weeks, 7 women were hard at work, sewing 55 blankets for the Linden, Gaines, Argentine and Mundy Township police and fire departments.

Each one is hand-sewn.

"We wanted to do something to help the community and to bring the community closer together," Gaines Area Lions Club member Mary DeMott explained. "Provide extra warmth and comfort to those in need, those that are having an emergency."

"They're going to be very useful for us to help, you know, keep the residents warm in the event of an accident, car accident and/or house fire, anything that has to do with a winter elements out here," said Linden Fire Chief Brian Will.

He's grateful they're able to stock the trucks.

"We can't purchase this amount of blankets and covers cause you never know how many you're going to have whether it's a whole family or just one or two," he said. "But, this'll be nice to have this kind of quantity in the trucks and have them available if we need 'em."

"It just shows the heart, the warm hearts that they have for the community," Chief Sutter added.

The project was funded by both Lions Groups.

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