A slippery Friday morning commute across Mid-Michigan

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FLINT (WJRT) (02/09/18)--Another frigid Friday, full of frozen and slippery roads. That's what many Mid Michigan residents woke up to today.

"It's terrible this morning, terrible. I've already spun out once," said Flint resident Brian Walker.

Those making a long haul were in for a white knuckle experience.

"We've got to drive down to Brighton right now. It's just everyone crashing everywhere, so many accidents on the expressway," said Walker.

By 6:50 this morning, visibility had improved along the I-69 in the Flint Township area, but snow was beginning to accumulate along the expressway.

"Just coming a couple miles down the road from Flushing and it's bad Slippery. Everyone slow down," said Flushing resident Craig Martin.

It was the same story for those heading through the Fenton area, and north from Oakland County, particularly out of the the Holly area,

"75 is two track, barely. There's a lot of people driving all over the place, heading off the roads. I drive from Clarkston to Saginaw everyday. I have to be at work, I have appointments," said Clarkston resident Dave Borsam.

Shiawassee County proved to be a rough ride for drivers we spoke with as well, especially near Durand.

"I'm only half a mile off 69, so we're right in the bad. Just coming from there to here is a nightmare. And I get to go to Okemos now," said Durand resident Laura Durish

For that lengthy drive, Durish had a simple strategy.

"Slow and easy. Watch out for other ignorant people on the roads who aren't slow and easy. It's Michigan, it's supposed to be like this. It's still February," she said.

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