Boy Scouts' Water & Woods Council begins holiday popcorn sale campaign in Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) (11/08/17)--The Boy Scouts of America's Flint Warehouse was hustling and bustling early Wednesday morning, all part of the kickoff to the scouts holiday popcorn campaign.

"It's crunch time right now. There are a lot of kids out there that have dreams to do tons of fun things this year and the money that needs to come in will go to help them do that," said Water & Woods Council Development Director Brent Hortze.

Popcorn sales are being accepted on-line by the Blue Star District Water and Woods Council, with proceeds going toward the scouts activity and membership funds.

"We have a lot of units geared toward the science, technology, engineering, and math and working toward different awards with that as well as the regular merit badges and different rankings," said Hortze.

The popcorn sale will benefit Water and Woods Council units in 27 counties.

"Shiawassee, Lapeer County, it goes all the way up to Midland, Saginaw, Bay City, over to Sanillac, everywhere here in Mid Michigan," said Hortze.

Individual scouts also have the opportunity to earn college scholarship money. They get to keep six percent of their sales.

"I've made over $2,000 dollars over the years I've been a scout. I'm planning to go to U of M and this is a big deal for me. It saves money for me down the road and it just gives me something to work towards," said Boy Scout Sam Evans.

Tied in with this initiative is a Holiday Scout Bistro, happening December 7th at Warwick Hills in Grand Blanc Township.

"A 5-star event that goes to support the Urban Scouting Program. It's a program directed strictly toward inner-city Flint kids," said Bistro Chairman Todd Sorenson.

The Water & Woods Council has already managed to bring in around two million dollars through popcorn sales this year. With this additional push and the Bistro, they hope to bring in around $500,000 dollars more by Christmas.

"A big lofty goal, but it'll go to help over 2,000 kids," said Hortze.

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