MI Kidney Foundation's Enhance Fitness introduces new home at Hamilton Community Health Network in Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) (03/08/18)--The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan's Enhance Fitness initiative is celebrating the launch of a new partnership with Hamilton Community Health Network in Flint.

"It allows us to extend our outreach in a tremendous way. We're able to get our seniors, those who are in-between, and those who are young at heart who want to get a low-impact aerobic workout, standing or seated," said the foundation's program coordinator Esther Nichols.

As part of the relationship, Enhance Fitness has found a home base in Hamilton's North Saginaw Street headquarters. The collaboration allows EF to offer more free fitness classes throughout Mid-Michigan.

"We have a reach in Saginaw in Saginaw at the Saginaw CAC Center. We start April 2nd. We have a reach out at the FWODC in Flushing, the Farmers' Market and the Hasselbring Senior Center," said Nichols.

This all ties in Enhance Fitness's World Kidney Day awareness efforts.

"Go get your kidneys checked. You want to make sure that your numbers are accurate, as far as making sure that they're about 60 and you also want to make sure you're eating properly and getting tested for Type 2 Diabetes as well," said Nichols.

The Foundation wants to emphasis that regular physical activity can help seniors reverse the trends that often come with Kidney Disease.

"Exercise improves the circulation of the blood in the body. It helps with the lymph nodes, along with the toxins and waste," said Nichols.

This is the ninth year that the Kidney Foundation has been sponsoring the Enhance Fitness program.

"I lost 70 pounds in one year doing this program," said EF participant Bernard Jackson.

While Jackson also credits an improved diet for his weight loss, he believes that just getting up and moving has improved his outlook in more ways than one.

"My blood pressure is down. My overall health is good. My arthritis is better, no swelling in the ankles anymore. It has been life changing for me," said Jackson.

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