First ever "Peace Week" begins in downtown Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) (03/19/18)--The first ever Peace Week in downtown Flint is ready to bend and stretch the minds of students, parents and teachers across Mid Michigan. The Holistic Life Foundation of Baltimore kicks off festivities tonight at the Capitol Theater. Registration and participation is free.

"It's a workshop all about mindfulness, how do you stay present, how do you connect to the moment and bring some more peace to the community," said Crim Fitness Foundation Advocacy & Engagement Manager Theresa Roach.

Peace Week is a partnership between several organizations, including the Crim Fitness Foundation and GEARup2Lead. The goal is to help provide school communities with techniques that lead toward a more peaceful, safe, and productive environment.

"There's lots of stuff that you can do to check back in with yourself before you decide to react to that bully and react to that bad news, how do you settle yourself down first," said Roach.

On the agenda is exercise for the body and mind.

"We do yoga with them. Some just want to take a break and color. Some people will take a look at glitter jars, there's just all sorts of things that you can do," said Roach.

The hope is that a daily dose of mindfulness will pay off with better report cards.

"Kids are able to focus better in classroom, they get better grades, they can do better in sports," said Roach.

Flint ReCAST wraps up Peace Week on March 26th with a Resiliancy Summit at Mott College, featuring professional development seminars during the day.

"In the evening, we'll have activities for families including a steel drum band, african drum, as well as Flint Handmade and a photo booth," said Planning Team Member Kris Johns.

The Crim believes that there's no better time than now to spread the message of peace in schools.

"This is very timeley with things that are in the news and on TV, everything you watch, there's a lot of negativity out there. We need to remind our kids and families that we can do something about that," said Roach.

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