Flint Children's Museum launches Spring Break festivities & new "Kids Create Space" exhibit

Published: Apr. 3, 2018 at 3:59 AM EDT
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(04/03/18)--Spring break brings a new look to the Flint Children's Museum. The University Avenue facility is showing off its latest remodeling efforts.

"We have refreshed for the Spring time and we have a new place for the kids to create. It's sort of like a mini-maker space," said Visitors Services Manager Jacky Metcalfe.

An entire week of scientific spring break festivities are in the works inside what's being called a place to tinker, make and create.

"We're having them learn about gravity, force, motion, different things like that. They're making rockets and rafts, and testing them to see if we can make them float," said Metcalfe.

The revamped wing also includes an interactive robot, equipped with a voice response system.

"Mister Meccanoid likes to do dances. It's really cool to see one of these in person," said Metcalfe.

The Recycled Rhythm Room has seen some additions as well.

"Everything in this room is made out of recycled materials and our newest addition is our Chime-o-saurus. It's a great noise maker that also have some rhythm and pitch that you can add to it," said Museum Educator Andrea Miller.

Add to the that pitch level a bit is a 1920's style Theremin.

"When you wave your hand, it forms a capacitor between you hand and the antennae. This capacitor is part of a circuit known as an osculator," said Metcalfe.

These changes are part of the Flint Children's Museums goal to help parents make it an active and education spring vacation for their kids.

"We just want them all to get out and use their hands, their minds, and have fun," said Metcalfe.

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