Goki Goki Korean BBQ & Specialty Meat Market opens in Fenton

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FENTON (WJRT) (04/23/18)--Following two years of construction and renovations, Goki Goki Korean BBQ & Specialty Meat Market is now open in Fenton.

"It's been overwhelming. We've had such an outpouring of love. People are just genuinley happy that we're finally here," said Goki Goki Manager Stacy Walsh.

Goki Goki sits on North Leroy Street, in the former Heritage restaurant location.

"I can just remember as a young girl, going through the drive-thru to get spaghetti," said Walsh.

The market side offers a varitey of asian food products, along with some american favorites.

"We have our Zingerman's bread and pastries. We have that delivered every morning. We have Boar's Head Meat and Cheeses, so we can make sandwiches for you. We have our Hibachi to Go," said Walsh.

A cafe is up and running as well.

"We'll have maybe three to five different types of crepes. We have coffee machines and can do espressos, cappuccinos, lattes. We use Illy Coffee," said Walsh.

The restaurant side is still a work in progress, but should be open in a week or so.

"It'll be authentic Korean BBQ, I had some last night. They'll have bulgogi. It's white steamed rice with beef," said Walsh.

The restaurant plans to serve up an interactive dining experience.

"I like the fact that the cook-top, infrared grill is built right into the dining table, so they can have fun with a group of six people, choose their cuts of meat and cook it there themselves," said Walsh.

The hope is that Goki Goki becomes a true dining and shopping destination.

"I think it's extremely unique. I don't of any Korean BBQ and marketplace that's combined. I think we're one of a kind," said Walsh.

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