Hamady Complete Food Center inches closer to opening on Flint's north side

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FLINT (WJRT) (03/13/18) - The rebirth of the iconic Hamady Bros. grocery chain is inching closer to becoming a reality on Flint's north side.

"This has been dream for a long time to bring it back. We're very close. It's like you can almost grab it," said Hamady Complete Food Center owner Jim McColgan.

Hamady Complete Food Center sits inside the old Kroger building at Clio and Pierson roads. The 74,000-square-foot facility should be ready to open right around April 15, which would be about three months behind schedule.

"As we went through to refix and rehab things, you always find small things that need to be done," said McColgan.

His family bought the Hamady stores from Alex Dandy in 1988, before selling them to Kessel. McColgan recently moved back to Genesee County, after working as a consultant for several companies, including Meijer Inc. of Grand Rapids.

"It means a lot to my family and it means a lot to my kids. Who it really means a lot to is my dad," said McColgan.

The hope is that Hamady's re-emergence will help change the north side's reputation from being that of food desert.

"I think it's a huge game changer. People have been great," said McColgan.

With Hamady's opening quickly approaching, the search is on to find more employees, everything from cashiers to produce and meat managers.

"We've hired close to 40 and we have about 40 to 45 more to fill. So please people, come up. Go to Michigan Works!," said McColgan.

The plan is to make Hamady Complete Food Center much more than just a grocery store.

"We're going to have classes in here for adults and kids. We have a 28,000-square-foot mezzanine on top that'll be church events, kids events. This is going to be a total community center," said McColgan.

Hamady's is looking to open even more stores throughout Flint, along with locations in Clio, Grand Blanc and Durand.

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