Italy at the Market celebrates grand opening at the Flint Farmers' Market

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FLINT (WJRT) (10/05/17) - A new international flavor has arrived at the Flint Farmers' Market. This week, Italy at the Market is celebrating its grand opening.

"Ready to go, ready to do this. Bring your family down. You can have a little show while waiting on the food. Tossing the dough in the air and making the pizzas right in front of you," said Chef Kyle Fitch.

Italy at the Market features a variety of salads, along with Create Your Own pizza, using a woodstone pizza oven.

"It was something that missing down here. There's really no other good pizza place down here that serves gourmet pizzas, done fresh daily," said Fitch.

Italy is making an effort to make many of it's entrees with products coming from neighboring Farmers' Market vendors.

"You get a lot of fresh items in here, you know that they're locally grown and they're very delicious," said Fitch.

This new venture is operated by the Redwood Management group. A few of Redwood's partners had a hand in launching Wise Guyz pizza on Saginaw Street, which closed in 2013. Italy at Market has brought back several of its old recipes.

"We've got one that's called the Spicy Italian. It has a great basil pizza sauce on there," said Fitch.

With Italy at the Market sharing kitchen space with Mexico at the Market, the hope is to give the Flint Farmers' Market even more of a global appeal than it had before.

"Yeah, we came together and we're going to give everyone a little different taste of around the border," said Chef Andre Davis.

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