Gathering of chefs at Flint's Factory Two to boost youth arts movement

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FLINT (WJRT) (10/12/17)--It's a Friday night event at Factory Two, that'll reunite musicians and chefs who grew up in or have family ties to the Flint area.

"We have chefs coming in from San Francisco, Chicago, hometown heros, all coming together to celebrate student youth arts programs," said Mixdown! Free Foodie Friendraiser organizer Erin Archuleta.

The third annual gathering is was founded by Archuleta. Along with her husband, the 1997 Kearsley High School graduate owns Ichi, a San Francisco based sushi restaurant.

"We thought about what we can do to give back to the community that gives so much to us," said Archuleta.

That involves supporting Red Ink Flint and its engineering, and entrepreneurial programs.

We're actually doing the event here at Factory Two to bring people into this space where student programs happen. We'll have all kinds of fun activities, interact with chefs, makers, treats, all sorts of things," said Archuleta.

Downtown Flint's Local 432 music venue also will benefit from Mixdown. During the 1990's, Archuleta's band played there from time to time.

"It gave me the confidence to be on stage and be in front of people. I remember my first job interview. I felt like I could do it because I had been in front of a crowd before," said Achuleta.

Flint based chef and MaMang owner Tony Vu believes that the city is undergoing an artistic revolution, especially with Mott culinary school about to move downtown.

"It's a really exciting time for Flint and I think that food is going to be leading the charge in the buildup of the culture," said Vu.

With many former Flint musicians now in the restaurant world the hope is that Friday's Mixdown creates a culinary nationwide network.

"Really building a connection nationally so chefs can call on each other whenever there's some cool opportunity," said Achuleta.

Mixdown begins at six o'clock on Friday. Admission is free.

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