Crim Fitness Foundation heating things up in downtown Flint; 2018 Training Program signup begins

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FLINT (WJRT) (01/02/17)--The Crim Fitness Foundation is sprinting into the New Year at a rapid pace. Signup for the Adult Training Program began early Tuesday morning.

"We must have struck when the iron is hot. We just opened registration and already have over 225 people, so people are ready to get running and active in 2018," said the Crim's Assistant Race Director Joe Dimambro,

This marks the 25th year for the training program. Meetups begin in Mid-May and run for fifteen weeks.

"It started with people trying to help new runners get ready for the ten mile and now it's expanded to over 1,700 people year after year, the biggest program of it's kind in the country," said Dimambro.

In honor of the 25th anniversary, the Fitness Foundation is planning to shake things up a bit.

"We're expanding our locations, new locations, different places to go for your training routes. Also, more and more groups, so matter what your pace is, no matter what race you want to do, there's a group for you," said Dimambro.

The program aims to keep people active year-round, and to get them in shape to run or walk across any and every finish line by the end of summer.

"You're going to be following a calendar that really is proven to be the best way to get you ready for a Crim race, while avoiding the risk of injury, and you get a great support system and make some friends along the way," said Dimambro.

All of this with the training program is the buildup to the 42nd annual Crim Festival of Races, which will bring a special theme to the downtown Flint area the week of August 20th.

"We're really planning a big homecoming, and we want people to come all week long and enjoy Flint and enjoy the area, because it's not just going to about the race, but truly a destination experience," said Younger.

Organizers are planning some new and major attractions to make this year's Crim bigger than before.

"It could have to do with some extra music going on and we're really excited about it. I can't say anything about it just yet, but we're getting some good things in the works," said Younger.

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