Livingston County bus driver turns up heat to deal with noisy kids

FOWLERVILLE (WJRT) - (05/20/2017) - Parents say a Livingston County bus driver took punishment too far when he allegedly put up the windows and turned up the heat to deal with out of control kids.

It happened Wednesday on a Fowlerville school bus.That's when outside temperatures reached the mid-80's.

The district has responded by admitting the incident took place, saying it would never happen again.

But one parent is saying that if a student on the bus didn't have a cell phone, the driver would have got away with it.

"I guess one of the students on the bus had a cell phone," she said. "That student texted their parents, the parents called the school, the school called the bus garage, the bus garage called the driver and told him that was unacceptable. And to my knowledge that's all that's been done."

Now, this parent is calling for that driver to step down. She says as long as he works for the district, her kids will be hitching a ride to school with their dad.