Lobdell Lake bridge controversy continues

Published: Jul. 29, 2019 at 10:56 PM EDT
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(7/29/2019) - A Genesee County man has officially missed a state-ordered deadline to remove an illegal bridge on Lobdell Lake.

ABC 12 has learned the business owner will meet with the state Tuesday.

The township heard from boaters who are frustrated and concerned about their safety on the water during the monthly meeting. People spoke out concerned someone could get hurt.

They fear someone might run into the bridge because it could be hard to see at night. The township officials say they have to wait to see what the state does before they act.

Boaters have faced a new drawbridge on Lobdell Lake put in by the owner on Turtle Island. The drawbridge can be put in the small section of the lake. The only means of getting through is when the owner puts it up.

Some boaters spoke out against Brett DeGayner's decision of putting the bridge in that connects his home on the island to the mainland. A bridge the state says he built without permits.

"I have a lot of concern about the integrity of the bridge in addition to everything else going on with it."

Argentine Township officials are taking note of those concerns. Treasure Norm Schmidt says right now this matter is in the state's hands. He's asking for everyone's patience at this time.

"We've seen incidents with DEQ and the DNR where it's taken a couple year's even to get things taken care of," Schmidt said.

DeGayner and crews put this drawbridge on July 8th and were given a cease and desist letter from the township that day. State investigators then sent him a letter July 18th saying the bridge needs to go by July 28th. They say even if the owner asked for permits for the bridge, he would have been denied.

"It's wrong they way that he did it is all I'm saying," Lobdell Lake association president Marty Dyskoci said. He's waiting for the state to follow through, Dyskoci said.

In the meantime, he has a concern for people that attempt to go through.

"I'm worried about the drawbridge hanging out there. There are no lights on it, and you got over 8,000-pound door hanging up in the air," Dyskoci said.

We've made multiple attempts to speak with DeGayner. We've not heard back from him.

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