Mid-Michigan charities prepare for homeless surge with cold weather

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FLINT (WJRT) - (11/10/17) - While some are trying to make the most of this cold, there are a lot of people in the shadows of Mid-Michigan trying to survive it.

Charities across the region have been preparing for a rush of people who need a hand up in life.

"They let us stay here and they also feed us here and they have us stay busy when it's cold. We, actually, we can go inside and have things to do," said John Dubie, a Flint resident currently staying at Carriage Town Ministries.

The Flint organization is just one shelter that welcomes and helps the homeless and those who need help making ends meet, especially when the weather turns colder.

From sleeping quarters and a hot meal to a computer center, assistance is available to those less fortunate, as well as moral and spiritual support to help improve their lives.

"People who have been caught suddenly homeless, they may be unaware of what they need to do. So, we spend the fall, especially as it gets closer to the cold weather, preparing for this," said Dr. Dallas Gatlin, executive director of Carriage Town Ministries.

Carriage Town has 60 beds, most fill up fast at night. They also have additional mattresses so they don't turn anyone away.

Other shelters are also getting an early reminder that winter is on the way.

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